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We're Here and Better Than Ever!

The essence of SASI is still here as are the staff you have worked with, the home care aides who deliver quality care to our care recipients and the amazing volunteers who lead our classes, help at events and are visitors in our Senior Connections program.

The decision to rebrand and rename the agency was a thoughtful one. We remain true to our mission and vision of supporting adults to remain engaged, safe, and respected in our communities. We have evolved. Seniors Action Service, Inc. was our original name and where SASI came from. It is still our legal name. When we became a licensed home care agency we started doing business as Services for Adults Staying in Their Homes and kept the SASI acronym. Today, Argentium Care has given the SASI acronym has a new interpretation that reflects our mission, pays homage to our heritage and serves as a cornerstone for our future.

Serving Adults. Supporting Independence. 

Today we are more than home care. We have grown. We have evolved.

In 2015 we aligned with Chicago Methodist Senior Services (CMSS). In 2017 we merged with Senior Connections. And we continue to offer, quite literally, hundreds of free classes and events for adults.

So, it is time for a bit of a makeover. It is time to develop an external image that better reflects what we do, who we are and what we aspire to be.

Our new look is bright, colorful, and full of life. It personifies everyone within our organization and recognizes the individual spirit within the people we serve and the people who support us.

Our new name, Argentium Care

It was chosen because it is an evolution from something valued, Sterling Silver, to something even more valuable, Argentium SilverTM. Argentium Silver has more strength, more resiliency and more flexibility than other silvers—making it highly desirable. These superior qualities come from alloys added to the original. We think that reflects our organization. Argentium Care is made up of multiple parts that give it strength, resiliency and flexibility.

In the years ahead, there will be more adults needing assistance to age in place and we will continue to explore new ways to engage, connect with and support those who need assistance. Our strength, resiliency and flexibility will help to foster the creativity needed to do so.

Argentium Care is proud of our legacy, excited about our new brand and ready for the future. We invite you to join us.

  • ByLine Bank in Evanston is a proud sponsor of Argentium Care.

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