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  • Martha Evans

    May 2019 Caregiver of the Month

    Martha Evans has been named Caregiver of the Month for May 2019. A second year employee, Martha embodies all that is best about Argentium’s caregivers. She takes her lead from each client, really listening to what they value and incorporating their preferences in her service. Martha is warm and good-humored and her clients praise her skills, thoughtfulness and dependability. Staff appreciates Martha’s conscientious attention to every aspect of her work. Congratulations, Martha!

  • Joyce Diokpa

    April 2019 Caregiver of the Month

    Joyce Diokpa has been with Argentium for over a year. Her professionalism gives her clients a sense of security; her warmth puts everyone immediately at ease. She is always on time and is cheerful with her clients. Staff truly appreciates her willingness to be flexible with her schedule, adapting as clients adjust their schedules to best meet their needs. Joyce is dedicated to her clients, whether they are long-term or only need a few visits for security after a hospital stay. Her care is exceptional. Congratulations, Joyce!

  • Mary Sackey

    March 2019 Caregiver of the Month

    Mary Sackey is in her second year with Argentium and she has shown herself to be an excellent problem-solver/diplomat in her short time with us. She demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the services a professional caregiver may and may not provide, using superb judgment, tact and quick-thinking. Mary has made herself available many times to “fill-in” when a caregiver has had an emergency so that critical companionship and care are not interrupted for a client. Staff receives enthusiastic feedback from all the individuals Mary cares for and they appreciate her role as a first-rate “team player.” Congratulations, Mary!

  • Salome Youssa 

    February 2019 Caregiver of the Month

    An Argentium employee for six years and runner-up for the 2017 Caregiver of the Year Award, Salome always receives warm praise from clients: they deeply appreciate her loyalty and skills, her gentle compassion and intuition. Argentium staff lauds Salome’s respect for Argentium's procedures and policies and appreciates her willingness to fill in when she can, enabling our clients to benefit from uninterrupted service.

  • Cecilia Abioye

    January 2019 Caregiver of the Month

    Cecilia Abioye has been an Argentium employee for two years—and for two years her clients have steadily reported that Cecilia does a wonderful job. They appreciate the excellent skills and training she demonstrates in her care as well as her genuine compassion. Additionally, Cecilia is always flexible, adapting to clients’ needs as their abilities improve or diminish. Argentium Home Care program staff appreciates that Cecilia is so responsible with her thorough and prompt

  • Titi Iyiola

    December 2018 Caregiver of the Month

    Titi was chosen by staff as the SASI Caregiver of the Month for December 2018 for a lot of reasons. In her two and half years as a SASI employee she continues to receive accolades from her clients. In fact her very first client reported she “deserved an A+” for how pleasantly and easily she adapted to her client’s preferences. Titi is a trusted team member on every case and will happily fill-in when needed. To top it all off, Titi not only tends to paperwork she hands timesheets as soon as she is done with her work for the week—before deadlines—earning and A+ again!

  • Ngozi Nwidor

    November 2018 Caregiver of the Month

    Ngozi has been a SASI employee for over seven years. Everyone, clients, client families and staff are cheered by her upbeat personality and quick smile. She can light up a room! Just as important is her innate compassion and reassuring nature. SASI appreciates Ngozi’s excellent work ethic and warm personality; her dedication to her profession is demonstrated in all her actions. SASI is delighted to name Ngozi November Caregiver of the Month

  • Schavaki Anderson

    October 2018 Caregiver of the Month

    Since she began working as a caregiver over a year ago, Schavaki has been a conscientious employee bringing her experience and sparkling personality to each client. She happily incorporates suggestions from staff as she strives for caregiving excellence, and she has received high praise from her clients. Schavaki is conscientious about keeping staff up-to-date on her availability, and about accepting last-minute schedules or fill-ins.

    Great job, Schavaki!

  • Linda Smith

    September 2018 Caregiver of the Month

    Since Linda joined SASI three years ago, she has proven to be a dedicated caregiver, employee and co-worker. Linda is very observant of her client, creatively putting to use her training to ensure her client’s safety and comfort. Her client’s family has commented on how much they appreciate her professionalism when she orients new caregivers for her client and demonstrates our high standard of care. The Home Care Program team gives Linda high marks for her attention to clarity and timeliness of all her paperwork.

    Congratulations, Linda!

  • Nosimot Roberson

    August 2018 Caregiver of the Month

    A SASI employee for over three years, Nosimot always receives high praise for her dedication, her calming and pleasant energy, her skills and her compassion. She really gets to know her clients, enabling her to recognize even subtle changes in their conditions that can be relayed promptly to the office. The Program Staff appreciate Nosimot’s dependability: she knows the importance of a stable schedule to her clients and ALWAYS gives plenty of notice for any time-off requests.

    Thank You Nosimot!

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